Des Moines Water Softener Service Tech Introduces the Groundbreaking Iron Curtain Water Purifying Product

logoOnly pure and simple, clean water flows by the iron curtain, the best technically progressive water filtration product

The Des Moines water softener technician highly recommends the iron curtain purification solution that addresses a plethora of hard water concerns. The iron curtain removes iron, sulfur and manganese from water to greatly improve quality and help preserve water using appliances like dish washers and water heaters. It breaks down materials and filters them away leaving clean, smelling, pure tasting water.

The Des Moines water softener experts with Iowa Soft Water can set up the system to eradicate a range of problems like rust spots, rotten taste and mildewy odor. Aside from that, the iron curtain helps safeguard plumbing and appliances from rust build-up and oxidation for a longer lasting life and enhanced performance.

Only clear and pure water gets past the iron curtain, the most technologically-evolved water filtering product that furnishes the adaptability to effectively fit the client’s needs. Customers discover an unbelievable change without any more rust stains and rotten egg smells so as expected, they are informing their friends, neighbors and loved ones about the service furnished by the Des Moines water softener installer.

A water softener technician from Iowa Soft Water ( can demonstrate how the iron curtain can reduce iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide with the improved aeration head construction that allows more options for corrosion and easier installment.

People can go to the Iowa Soft Water website to get more information about this ingenious water treatment product. Iowa Soft Water seeks to provide exceptional products and services to area property owners and business people. Find out more about how the iron curtain performs in a water system at

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